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manufacturing done easy. 


We want to bring your ideas to life. Work with our group of skilled designers to create your product or choose from our pre-engineered designs.

Collaborative planning to decide the best plan of action.


Engineers and craftmans work together to perfect your product.


Hassle free delivery ensures your products get delivered ASAP. 


State of the Art Machines

We believe the best products start with the right tools. Our warehouse is equipped with CNC Plasma Cutter, CNC Break press, CNC Punchers, Shear machines, HEM band saw and more. 


Powder Coat Finish 

After testing many paint finishes we have undoubtedly deemed this to be the best performing finish. Veliz Products prides themselves in delivering high quality goods and exclusively powder coats. 


In House Design

We believe collaborative work between the engineers and craftsmans will provide the best products. Our all inclusive office & warehouse allow feedback and modifications to be done quickly because the two are only a call away. 


Efficient Engineering. 

Saving you time and money

Our team of designers uphold the highest standards in craft, ensuring the most efficient and cost saving solution is done in every project. Optimization from start to finish minimizes waste production and streamlines production.